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Hot stamping

There are no shortcuts at Samuel Heath. Which is why craftsmanship still lies at the heart of the company’s manufacturing processes

Alongside state of the art manufacturing technology a unique blend of traditional time-honored techniques are employed to ensure the highest quality of production.

Craftsmanship is core to Samuel Heath’s continued pursuit of manufacturing excellence. Whilst individual components are precision machined, to ensure the inherent strength of the metal is retained and enable the precise manufacture of intricate designs, the meticulous attention to detail that is required to produce the finest bathroom fittings and architectural hardware means that experienced craftsmen finish every product by hand.

Samuel Heath insists on hand polishing for example to ensure the smoothest and most adhesive surface for high quality plating. Each component goes through multiple stages of hand polishing by our skilled craftsmen. The requirement is a perfectly smooth finish for flawless plating. It takes many years to fully train a Samuel Heath polisher, but investment in people and quality has always been at the company’s heart.

Quality and craftsmanship go hand in hand at Samuel Heath. Every tap for example is assembled by hand and individually tested before leaving our factory, to ensure the highest performance and quality. True to the same principle every single one of our shower baskets are constructed by hand. Each basket ‘wire’ is hand positioned and crimped securely in place, never soldered, so the basket will remain perfect for years to come. At Samuel Heath we aim to always use the best production method available and it is our expert assemblers who ensure through a combination of time honored processes and modern technology that each Samuel Heath product is special.

Samuel Heath products are available from selected bathroom showrooms and department stores