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concealed door closer benefits enhanced aesthetics anti-ligature hygiene reduced vandalism

Total concealment enables Perko Powermatic® to deliver a host of extremely desirable benefits.

From architects and interior designers to clinicians and facilities managers, specifying professionals will have their own areas of responsibility, with different clients imposing different requirements. Perko Powermatic® meets all of their needs beautifully.

You see, Perko Powermatic® delivers a lot more than exceptional performance and compliance with relevant technical standards.

The fact that Perko Powermatic® is totally concealed when the door is closed offers a host of benefits that have made it invaluable to so many different projects across the world; you might call them ‘hidden benefits’!

Read on to find out more and take a look at the case studies and appplications sections of this website to see the benefits that Perko Powermatic® delivers to different projects throughout private and public sectors.

Enhanced aesthetics

Perko and Perkomatic concealed door closers have long been admired by architects, interior designers and clients for the fact that they are totally invisible when the door is closed.

Perko Powermatic® continues this tradition, providing the ability to retain a clean unhindered appearance to the door and interior without obtrusive, potentially ugly, mechanical controls.

Reduced vandalism

Total concealment significantly reduces the opportunity for the door closer to be vandalised and, therefore, enhances the reliability of the door itself to be opened and closed efficiently.

Obviously, this is an important factor during normal, day to day use, but in times of emergency, when door failure could have drastic consequences, it is a vital attribute of Perko Powermatic®.


Concealment ensures that Perko Powermatic® presents a minimum visible profile and, in particular, very few horizontal surfaces to which germs and detritus can be attracted and accumulate.

In addition, Perko Powermatic®’s low fixing height makes cleaning and hygiene extremely easy to maintain and monitor.


The importance of protecting vulnerable people is universally accepted, as is the ever-present threat of litigation from failure to reduce risk. In such circumstances, Perko Powermatic® offers a very useful anti-ligature solution.

The lack of surface mounted protrusions obviously reduces the availability of suspension points when the door is closed, but Perko Powermatic® can also be mounted towards the bottom of the door, further enhancing its anti-ligature credentials.

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Perko Powermatic product information

    concealed door closer fire doors

    Fire and performance

    Perko Powermatic®'s unique mechanism delivers controlled closing for fire and non-fire doors alike.

    concealed door closer in hotel

    Powermatic case studies

    Powermatic® has become the preferred choice for specifiers in a wide variety of projects.

    Powermatic controlled concealed door closers are suitable for fire doors and non-fire doors in hotels, health, education and social housing

    Powermatic applications

    Powermatic® is perfect for situations where discreet, controlled, automatic closing is required.

    concealed door closer benefits enhanced aesthetics anti-ligature hygiene reduced vandalism

    Hidden benefits of concealment

    Total concealment enables Perko Powermatic® to deliver a host of extremely desirable benefits.

    riba cpd network approved

    Riba CPD presentations

    We offer two RIBA approved CPD seminars for architects and specifiers

    concealed door closer fitting instructions

    Fitting Instructions

    Perko Powermatic® is one of the world’s most advanced, controlled, concealed door closers.