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concealed door closer healthcare secure accomodation

United Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Trust has joined the growing number of UK health authorities to benefit from Perko Powermatic®, the controlled, concealed door closer from Samuel Heath.

The Trust provides hospital services to the county from eight hospital sites. Initially, the Trust trialled the Perko Powermatic® door closer in a high usage area, where it would be in operation 24/7, 365 days a year. Staff were so pleased with its performance that the estates management department has now recommended the product for use whenever any closer needs replacing in Trust buildings.

Perko Powermatic® is setting the standard for door closers in the health sector, where, in addition to its performance accreditations, the closer’s concealed nature is delivering benefits of specific relevance to healthcare environments.

From a performance perspective, Perko Powermatic® boasts a host of independently verified technical approvals, including fire testing on 30 and 60 minute fire doors to BS EN 1634, opening forces that comply with BS8300 and Approved Document M, and CE marking,

With cleanliness and hygiene of paramount importance, the closer’s concealed mounting offers minimal surfaces on which dust and potentially harmful detritus can accumulate. The design also reduces the burden on cleaning staff.

Vandalism of doors can also pose a risk to the safety of a building’s occupants, particularly where fire doors are concerned. Totally concealed when the door is closed, and barely visible when the door is open, Perko Powermatic® presents very little opportunity for the would-be vandal to damage its mechanisms and render the door useless.

On an aesthetic level, the concealed design also means the closer will not have a detrimental effect on the appearance of either the door or overall interior.

In safety terms, Perko Powermatic® is an ideal solution for areas such as psychiatric facilities and secure units that require anti-ligature measures. Total concealment of the door closer means that, when the door is closed, the closer poses no risk to patients and clients. Additionally, Perko Powermatic® can be installed towards the bottom of the door jamb to further reduce the risk of points of ligature.

Like United Lincolnshire NHS Trust, estates managers and specifiers are also recognising that such benefits are equally applicable to areas that are not of such high risk. As a result, Perko Powermatic® is being adopted for general situations where its fire performance, durability and accessibility credentials make it an ideal choice for many types of doors throughout healthcare establishments.

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Perko Powermatic product information

    concealed door closer fire doors

    Fire and performance

    Perko Powermatic®'s unique mechanism delivers controlled closing for fire and non-fire doors alike.

    concealed door closer in hotel

    Powermatic case studies

    Powermatic® has become the preferred choice for specifiers in a wide variety of projects.

    Powermatic controlled concealed door closers are suitable for fire doors and non-fire doors in hotels, health, education and social housing

    Powermatic applications

    Powermatic® is perfect for situations where discreet, controlled, automatic closing is required.

    concealed door closer benefits enhanced aesthetics anti-ligature hygiene reduced vandalism

    Hidden benefits of concealment

    Total concealment enables Perko Powermatic® to deliver a host of extremely desirable benefits.

    riba cpd network approved

    Riba CPD presentations

    We offer two RIBA approved CPD seminars for architects and specifiers

    concealed door closer fitting instructions

    Fitting Instructions

    Perko Powermatic® is one of the world’s most advanced, controlled, concealed door closers.